Dear Operaphiles,

Our Mission is to provide a complete schedule for opera events performed in NYC and a link for each event to the company website for more information and tickets.

Scheduled opera performances for the season starting September 1, are contained in one of two calendars, separating "apples and oranges":

  • "At the Met" tab - for performances only at The Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center.
  • "Around NY" tab - performances at all of the other NYC venues, for other opera companies as well as for HD Live at the Met Cinemas - updated as new productions are announced and scheduled.

The calendars are separate to make it easier for the user to find the non-Lincoln Center performances amongst the hundreds of Lincoln Center performances.

  • "On Deck" tab - Additionally, there is a listing of performances announced but not yet scheduled for a date, time, or venue.  Whenever an opera performance is scheduled for a specific date without an accompanying posting for time and venue, it will appear in the "Around NY" calendar with a time of 12:00 AM.
  • "Companies" tab - on this tab you can go to the website of an opera company you may want to explore by clicking on the company name which is linked directly to its website.